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8-11 Jul 2018 Lyon (France)

Elmaghraby Best Student Paper Award > Submission conditions

 The conditions for eligibility are:

1. The student must be PhD-candidate at the time of submission of the paper for competition. Only one paper can be submitted by a student.

2. The submitted paper must report on original research conducted primarily by the candidate. Some assistance by other individuals such as the student’s faculty advisor is permitted as long as the student is the real “first author”. This must be confirmed in the Advisor’s letter.

3. The topic of the paper should fall within the scope of the ILS conference theme. A list of topics can be found on the home page.

4. The paper should be submitted to the conference in the requested format (see the template here); it will be reviewed by the members of the Student Competition Committee.

5. The paper may be presented either in a regular session or in one of the thematic sessions proposed for the conference.

6. The paper must be signalled for consideration for the Elmaghraby Best Student Paper Award.

7. The student should plan to attend the conference, to present his/her paper in the student competition session (July 8th) and to participate in the awards ceremony that is conducted during the gala dinner of the conference.

8. The award will be decided by the Conference Scientific Committee based on the recommendations of the Student Competition Committee. If there are more than one suitable entry a second prize may be awarded. A written citation will accompany each prize.

9. In judging a submitted paper, the Student Competition Committee will consider the originality of the work, the standard of its scientific/practical contribution, the clarity of expression and the quality of the presentation by the student.

10. The Student Competition Committee reserves the right not to award any prizes if it deems the entries not of high enough calibre; or to award only one prize.

11. A brief personal profile and a photograph of the winner are to be submitted by each prize winner by the end of the month in which the conference is held for publication on the website of ILS Conference.

 Requirements for Submission of an Entry:

  • A “cover page” (in PDF) with the candidate’s name, current address, e-mail address, the name, affiliation and e-mail address of the candidate’s advisor.
  • The paper (in PDF) as submitted to the conference. Extended abstracts and works in progress do not qualify.
  • A letter (in PDF) from the advisor confirming
    • the candidate’s name and current affiliation
    • the title of the paper
    • the satisfaction of the eligibility requirements

Moreover, it must be clear that the research has been mainly conducted by the student, with minimal assistance from other individuals.

To be considered for the Award, the above material as well as the full paper must be submitted by December 18, 2017, to the Conference submission page.

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