International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain
8-11 Jul 2018 Lyon (France)

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The following special sessions are announced (get detailed information on each session by clicking on the reference):

  • TS01: Emergency Resources Supply Chain (ESRC) for integrated disaster management (J. Ren - UK, D. Paraskevadakis - UK),
  • TS02: Optimization models and methods in logistics (C. Arbib - Italy),
  • TS03: Applications of Operations Research techniques to model and solve routing and scheduling problems in service industries (J.F. Ferreira Ribeiro - Brazil, J. Fondrevelle - France),
  • TS04: Modelling and design challenges of Information Systems for Supply Chain Management (V. Goepp - France, M. Petit - Belgium, V. Botta-Genoulaz - France)
  • TS05: Logistics in food supply chains (J.G.M. Dos Reis - Brazil, P.L.O. Costa Neto - Brazil, O. Vendrametto - Brazil, I.A. Naas - Brazil)
  • TS06: Issues and challenges of supplying emergent markets (S. Limbourg - Belgium, F. Riane - Morocco),
  • TS07: Application of stochastic programming and robust optimization in supply chain planning (M. Nourelfath - Canada, M. Kazemi - Canada, M. Elaradi - Canada),
  • TS08: Logistics process innovation and optimization using Smart Technology (H. Bae - Korea, B.D. Chung - Korea, B.S. Kim - Korea, J. Park - Korea),
  • TS09: Logistics services (A. Halldorsson - Sweden),
  • TS10: Implications of digitalization for urban freight transport decision support (W. Klibi - France, U. Yoshizaki - Brazil),
  • TS11: Sustainable management of retailing urban transport (M. Mateo - Spain)
  • TS12: Demand forecasting for smart and sustainable city supply in the digital era (I. Sanchez-Diaz - Sweden, J. Gonzales-Feliu - France),
  • TS13: Influence of climate change on supply chains (X. Brusset - France),
  • TS14: Remanufacturing policies in the closed loop supply chain (M. Dahane - France, M. Sahnoun - France, L. Benyoucef - France),
  • TS15: Market-driven green supply chain management (R. Hammami - France, I. Nouira - France),
  • TS16: Improving supply chain sustainability in an industry 4.0 setup through circular economy (H. Carvalho - Portugal, S. Azevedo - Portugal),
  • TS17: Prevention-based approaches for Humanitarian Logistics in recurrent crises (M. Chong - Peru, J. Gonzales-Feliu - France),
  • TS18: The maritime field in Humanitarian Logistics (V. Kosmas - Germany),
  • TS19: Practice-based research in Humanitarian Logistics (L. Turrini - Germany)

You can submit a proposition for one of these thematic sessions through the conference submission page.

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